Price Guide //

Anyone and their nephew can design a sports logo these days. But at Pixel Ninja Creative, we achieve much more.

We develop fully fledged, hand-crafted SPORTS IDENTITIES infused with your brand DNA which will withstand any scenario and help you succeed. We want you to own every part of your branding, therefore, we avoid templates and stock graphics commonly seen in the sports industry. For brands with naming rights sponsors, we can even integrate their logos into your branding for a professional look. We collaborate with you throughout the branding process to ensure a positive outcome is achieved and you become proud of your investment.

So whether you're an amateur athlete, a professional sports league or anything in between, allow Pixel Ninja Creative to build a unique identity that your fans will love.

What can I expect to pay?

No two sports brands are the same — unless one has a plagiarised logo, but that's another topic for another day.

The point is each sports brand has their own unique history and goals. Where some brands exist just to have fun, others have a lot to lose in terms of financial support and reputation. Therefore, it makes more sense to charge for sports branding services based on the value to each client.

There are no "hourly rates" or "pre-packaged add-ons". Instead we listen to your current pain points and understand what you want to achieve in the future, and compile some value-based options to help get you there.

From 20,000

Major sports brands with a sizable community of loyal, sometimes rabid, stakeholders - also known as fans. Attracting new fans and higher quality sponsors is important but you don't want to alienate your current fanbase or else you risk losing everything. A strategic approach is required to keep everyone happy.

6,000 - 15,000

Established sports brands looking at developing a passionate fan community while strengthening their brand presence. Perception means everything when you are competing for investments from fans and sponsors alike.

1,000 - 5,000

Suburban sports brands existing primarily to provide the community with social and recreational activities. Fans and sponsors aren't considered to be as important as the sport itself but you still want great branding to assist with signing up new participants or volunteers.

Process //


Examining your brand history and culture will provide the direction needed to produce results that connect with your fans. We will seek out local inspiration to assist with forming a unique and authenthic identity. If necessary, we will assemble a “mood board” of ideas to confirm the direction we take.


From the ideas identified in the research stage, we put pencil to paper and sketch as many ideas as possible. Our goal is to uncover a quality idea, not a quality sketch. It is possible to have hundreds of sketches before we find “the one.” We may present our sketches periodically to find the best options to explore further in the concept stage.


With our best sketches selected, we recreate them digitally and test them out on real-world applications to see how they will work. Examples may include apparel, signage and stationery. During this stage, we will require your feedback and approval.


Should you require fine tuning of the concepts provided, this stage allows for refinements and minor modifications to ensure a quality result can be achieved.


With the concepts now approved, we prepare a file package so that the designs can easily be accessed and used for any application. This includes the creation of supplementary guides and various file formats (such as JPG, PNG, PDF and EPS).


All deliverables for this project will be compiled and made available via a download link. This is also where we transfer the Copyright for the designs to you to use as you see fit. As part of our after sales service, we will request a testimonial and ask for feedback about your Pixel Ninja Creative experience so we can finds ways to improve our services.

Why choose Pixel Ninja Creative?


Our sports branding knowledge will put your mind at ease so you can focus on competing.


We don't work from templates or clip-art. All our work begins with pencil and paper.


We are proud over-achievers when it comes to customer satisfaction and after sales service.


We give you what you need to succeed, instead of ticking off a list of unnecessary inclusions.

For Your Fans

We don't design for our portfolio. Our commitment is to you and your fans.